Friday, February 5, 2010

Why Priyamani gradually shedding her clothes

Tollywood hot babe Priyamani who gradually shedding her clothes with each new film, was once used to wear half and full Sarees in the beginning of her film career. But, one shouldn’t blame her for minimal use of costumes, because it’s evident that no heroine can survive long if she doesn’t want to disclose her assets in revealing costumes. Priyamani is no exception to this case.

During a recent meeting with media people she said, “People think that we are interested in doing in skin shows. But, it’s not true. We were obliged to do it for our survival in the industry. Moreover, film makers demand for it to ensure success for their films. After all, they deserve to demand like that, because they are investing Crores of rupees on every film. When comparing to the risk taken by them, doing skin shows is nothing, I think,” says Priyamani.

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