Friday, February 5, 2010

She have no Grudge with her Ex- Hero

Tollywood actress Roja said that while she was in the film industry she had good relations with Chiranjeevi family. In an interview to popular News Channel ABN, she said that often she used to visit Chiru’s family and spend happy moments with his children Srija and  Ram Charan , who were kids by then.

When she was asked, then what makes her go heavily against her friend Chiranjeevi , she said “When, it is politics then everyone has to follow thumb rule. I did the same thing. Personally, I have no grudge with Chiranjeevi or with any of his family members. I believe that, still he is my best friend.”

The high calibre politician Roja may be sending feelers to her ex hero, as she is now planning to settle back in the film industry, which is still dominated by Chiru and his family members. She already lost her political career, but do not want to lose her film career too. That’s why she might be sending feelers to Chiranjeevi

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