Friday, February 5, 2010

Allu Arjun to settle with a girl soon

All the bachelors of Tollywood all of a sudden seem to be developed interest in marriage. Just few days ago NTR’s marriage plan was announced. His marriage is planned for 21st of May this year that is exactly on the same day of his grandfather late NTR’s marriage day.

Now, the latest buzz is that, Allu Arjun also keen to settle with a girl soon. His parents already declared that they have no objections to whomever the girl he chooses. Their only demand was that she has to mingle with family members freely. However, none of them came out with any specific name of any girl. But, the lead is enough for media to knit the rest of the story. The latest buzz is that, the girl he is going to marry doesn’t belong to film industry, and probably their marriage may be in the May this year. But, this news is not confirmed by anyone of his family members including Allu Arjun

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