Friday, February 5, 2010

Prakash raj to Marry her new-found-lover

The latest buzz is that, noted actor Prakash raj who was divorced with his wife in the November last, is all set to marry Bollywood famous choreographer Soni Varma. Earlier, there were rumours that he is going to marry PRP leader Shoba Rani and that’s why he has divorced his wife. Even, there were some morphed photographs of the actor and leader with garlands appeared in the net, indicating a secret marriage. Though, they both condemned the news as rumours, people are not ready to believe their words as both are singles.

However, Prakash raj’s latest choice and their secrete affair, made everyone surprised. It is learnt that Prakash raj and his new-found-love Soni Varma are going to marry in May or June this year. Currently, Soni is very busy with Priyadarshan and Sanjay Leela Bansali’s films. On the other hand, Prakash raj is also said to be getting offers from Bollywood, recommended by his girl friend Soni

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