Friday, May 21, 2010

Kites Review - Hrithik Lip Lock with Barbara - Wallpapers

The much hyped 'Kites' movie may fail to impress the Indian audiences. Nicely shot, but badly scripted 'Kites' had very few elements of entertainment. Rakesh Roshan has miserable to justify the character of 'Jai' (Hrithik Roshan), a poor US-citizen living in posh Las Vegas. He was first shown as con who marries illegal immigrants for just $ 1000 to enable them to get Green Cards. He falls in love with Linda alias Natasha (Barbara Mori), his 11th wife.
A non-existent love story blossoms between the two after Natasha's engagement with Tony, son of a rich Vegas businessman (Kabir Bedi). Hrithik 'falls in love' with 'Gina' (Kangna Rawat), sister of Tony.
The story telling was boring due to lack of rhythm and bad usage of flashbacks. Hrithik's character was confusing. Otherwise a con, 'Jai' falls in love with his 'legal wife' Linda and tries to seduce her a day before her marriage with Tony on the pretext of giving divorce.
Later, Jai and Natasha elopes leading to a long and boring sequence of chase by Tony and his goons. Though the action sequences were shot very nicely, but at places they were overdone. Comedy was completely missing from the script. Hrithik's impressive dance on unimpressive songs was the only consolation for the viewers.
The language was badly used. More than half of the dialogues in the movie were in English or Spanish (with English sub-titles). It seems that this movie has not been made for the Indian audiences as this is definitely not a Hindi movie. The end is more disappointing. In a complete Hindi filmi style, the Spanish character Natasha commits suicide to save herself from the villain Tony. Later, Jai survive's a bullet shot only to commit suicide in the next scene.
We think audience can try this movie, only if they have lot of patience. If i have to rate it, i will give it only one star (for Hrithik's dance(only one bit) and Barbara's looks)

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