Sunday, February 7, 2010

I never encourage anyone: Iliyana

Ileana! The name itself makes many fall for her. But, the glamour queen of Southern film circuit Ileana , never encourage anyone to come near to her, perhaps, that’s why her name was never seen attached with anyone and hardly there were any rumours about her affairs. If she doesn’t mingle with people around, then how she will spend her leisure time without having friends?

The glamour girl, who couldn’t allot some place in her heart for friendship, entirely devoted it for Arts and book reading. Whenever, Ileana find some leisure time she fills the canvas with colours to express her inner feelings through paintings. Her other hobby is book reading. People around her describe her as a book worm. They say, she was never found without having a book in hand. Her favourite writer is Sidney Sheldon. She said that, she transforms herself into another world while reading his books. Instead of criticizing and talking about somebody who were not present in the location, perhaps this is the best option to live above the rest.

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