Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hot Kannada Actress to enter into Tollywood

Hot and spicy Kannada actress Puja Gandhi is looking towards Tollywood for an opportunity to act in the Telugu films. She did few films in Kannada and earned hot image there. But, if any actress confine to Kannada film industry only, she has to satisfy with limited exposure and earnings. If, an actress able to gain a hot babe image at Tollywood, all the other ‘Woods’ in Southern film circuit and even Bollywood will open its doors for such hot babes.

It’s evident that whoever has big dreams has to knock the doors of Tollywood. Once, the Tollywood stamp an actress as hot babe, it is just like ISI certificate for her. She can make money with that image anywhere in Southern film circuit, especially in Kollywood. Hence, Puja Gandhi is planning to enter Tollywood very soon. She has declared that she is open for lip locks, bikinis and hot skin shows. What else a producer can expect from any actress? It’s learnt that she is already in contact with some big heads in Tollywood and any time her name may surface with a new film. Hope she will delight the Telugu audiances very soon.

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