Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wht Priyamani Revealing in this

The latest still of hot babe Priyamani from film ‘Sadhyam’ reveals that she doesn’t hesitate for any kind of skin shows that offers her huge remuneration. Priyamani shot to fame with bikini parade in film ‘Dhrona.’ But, that film was proved to be a big flop in her career. She couldn’t learn a lesson from it. She fails to understand that mere skin shows doesn’t yield her good returns, except branding her as sex bomb of the industry.

Her last film ‘Pravarakyudu’ with Jagapatibabu despite having a divided talk proved to be a flop. She made limited skin shows in that film. Perhaps, the film makers may be thinking that the absence of her skin shows turned their film into a flop, and hence planning for good exposure of her glamour quotient in this film Sadhyam The combination of hero Jagapati Babu and Priyamani may looks very nice, but may not be helpful to them if fails to drag the crowds to theatres. That’s why, to ensure crowd pulling the film makers may be adding some spicy stills to their hot babe Priyamani in film ‘ Sadhyam

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