Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tamanna's fasting on Fridays

Milk white beauty Tamanna is very busy doing Tamil films. She becomes the heart throb of youngsters there in Tamilnadu. Tamil tambis were surrendered to her slim and beautiful physique. However, Tamanna still seems to be very cautious about her figure. Nowadays she begins fasting on Fridays, but in the name of traditional practice. When asked about her fasting she said, “We Parsi people used to do fasting on Fridays since many years. I think, being a girl of the community, I also have to follow our traditions. But, here I have double benefits out of my fasting. Fasting makes me feel very sacred and at the same time it keeps my physique under control. I believe fasting once in a week keep everyone fit and healthy. If, we are doing it regularly, then why not on a specified day that connects us with holy spirits? Isn’t a good discovery by Tamanna?

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