Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sruthi Hassan trying to develop Her curves

Shruthi Hassan, daughter of veteran Tamil actor Kamal Hassan has found her place in “Sexiest Asian list 2009” which was published by Eastern Eye magazine. The young girl of Chennai was allotted the 49th place in the list which also had Bollywood lead actress Katrina Kaif leading the table.

Now, coming back to the main news, it has been reported that Shruthi is nowadays busy in developing her curves. It is official known that the seductive beauty has signed a movie in tollywood and is busy attending the shooting schedule these days. It is evident that Telugu cinema audiences love to see females who have some bulky meat on their top and below assets. For this reason, Shruthi has been asked by the director to develop her assets by the director Prakash. Moreover, Shruthi has also stopped her daily work out regime in order to add some flab to her waist, buttocks and also to her bosom.

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