Sunday, February 14, 2010

Siddharth visits Vijayawada

South India's talented young actor Siddharth made a visit to Vijayawada on Saturday to promote his new release Striker, directed by Chandan Arora.
Interacting with selected customers, dealers and distributors of Idea Cellular Limited, which organised the promotional event at The Gateway Hotel, the actor described Striker as "a kind of art film" that got rave reviews.
"Many film magazines gave a rating of four to four-and-half stars out of five for the film, which indicates its high quality. The audience too are enjoying the film," he said. The actor felt that working for such films was a rare opportunity in the present set up in the film industry. He thanked the Idea Cellular for coming forward to promote the film.
The actor also used the occasion to strike a chord with the people there by recollecting his bond with the city. "Besides the United States, I always depend on Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam to get to know the talk of the film on its release date, so that I can come to a conclusion on its result," he said.
After posing for photographs with each and every one of the select crowd of about 100, Siddharth spoke at length about his association with the city and the idea behind doing Striker.

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