Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Music director Chakri gets Chest pain

Music director Chakri complained about acute chest pain in this week end and his life is said to be in danger. Although, his personnel doctors have cleared the air that it was a gastric trouble, his wife has been warned by them, about chakri’s health. According to sources, the excessive drinking and unrestricted food habits have taken a toll on the music director’s body and his blood cholesterol levels have crossed the limits. If his habits go on in the same way, the talented music director may get a severe heart attack and this may lead to unpredictable consequences.

Music Director’s Chakri’s wife was in news for demanding a divorce from Chakri a few years ago. According to sources, it was an alleged affair of Chakri with a singer Kousalya, which prompted this issue. Later on Chakri sorted out this matter by paying Kousalya a one time payment of 25 lakhs in order to get rid off her. Chakri, who admits bollywood music director Bappi Lahari as his idol, is indulging in excessive drinking these days and is unperturbed about his health situation.

Inspite of repeated warnings from his wife, he is not in a position to leave his habits. Chakri is blessed with a kid and has a bright future ahead and unless he quits drinking and unrestricted food diets, this is not possible. He has composed music for almost 28 films in Telugu and has a 60% success rate in composing the music. His latest film will be ‘Simha’ which has Balakrishna in lead. 

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