Thursday, February 4, 2010

‘Leader’ In Copy Right Controversy

Shekar Kammula’s directorial ‘Leader’ with Rana as a debutant is landed with copy right controversy. Writer Shiva, who works in film industry, claimed that the basic idea behind the story of Leader is his own and he also filed a complaint in writers association against director Shekar Kammula and has demanded a compensation of Rs.25lakhs.

On the other way Shekar Kammula refused with his statement and said, “ I need not to lift somebody else story to make my film. I still have number of concepts in my brain for my future projects. If, I agree to pay even a single rupee it proves that I really copied his story “.

”While the ongoing Andhra-Telangana agitations are severely affecting the film industry, this kind of claims will further ruin the producers,” he added.

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