Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hot actress turning as director

Tollywood and Bollywood heroine Tabu is nearing her retirement stage in her film career.Presently No films in the hand she is now writing a story and planning to make a film with it very soon. She said, “I have done several serious type roles till now. I am fed doing repeatedly the same kind of roles. That’s why I am not accepting any new offers with same kind of roles. I start writing a story for my film. I am planning to make a film with my own story. First, I learn how to become a good producer and then I take charge as a director of the film. I think it won’t take much time to become a film producer, but very difficult to become a director. Once, my story is ready, and then I will decide when to start my film shooting. I am writing the film story during my journeys to save the time. Hope, it may be finished very soon.”

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