Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hot actress in Finacial Crisis

Noted Kollywood actress Nirosha who worked in several Telugu films like Garshana (Maniratnam film), Madhuranagarilo, and Nari Nari Naduma Murari etc is in deep financial crisis. She and her actor husband Ramki has pledged their properties with Indian Overseas Bank for funding their dream project ‘ New Lines Business India Private Ltd,’ with which they were pushed into deep financial crisis. As they fail to repay the loan amount of Rs.1.46 Crores, the Bank has handed over their house and flat located in Annasalai in Chennai and announced that both the properties will be auctioned on 10th of March.

Nirosha made a mistake by leaving the film industry while her career was at its peak. She fall in love with Kollywood actor Ramki and married him. She has happily settled as a housewife but, her husband Ramki fails to establish himself in Kollywood as a successful actor. He started working as a TV artist for Simhali TV serials. Later, the couple comes out with their dream project with which they were fully submerged in heavy debts. Earlier, they have announced making a big budget film with top stars of Kollywood. But, it also remains as another dream project for them.

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