Sunday, January 31, 2010

Asin Runs Away from Bollywood Fearing Failures

‘Gajni Girl’ Asin was forced to come out with several explanations to avert rumours. She had an instant success in Bollywood with film Gajni. But, her next film ‘London dreams’ shattered all her Bollywood dreams by failing at Box Office. From then onwards, she is very selective about her films in Bollywood. Her decision to be selective gave scope for several rumours.

Especially, Bollywood media say that she runs away from there after doing just two films and refusing new films fearing failures.

Asin said, “I know there were rumours about my refusal to films ‘Khelen Mey Ji jhanse’ and ‘Tees mar Khan.’ In fact, I was obliged to deny them only because I couldn’t adjust my dates for those two films. I have a good friendship with the directors of both films, especially, with Ashutosh Govarikar and with his wife Sunita. Although, we couldn’t work together now, certainly I love to work with him in the near future.

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