Sunday, January 31, 2010

Allu Aravind Film Studio in Mumbai

The latest buzzing news is that Allu Aravind is planning to build a film studio in Mumbai city. The prevailing situation in Telangana region made him think about some alternative arrangement for his film production. On the other hand he said to be planning to spread his business to North India also. The success of his Hindi film Gajni inspired him to expand his business to Bollywood also.

Ram Charan Tej’s entry into Bollywood and his latest hit film Magadheera remaking into Hindi are two other reasons which encouraged him to think about building a Studio of his own. Moreover, if he had a Studio of his own, it would be helpful to him in remaking his Telugu films. It is learnt that, there are many film directors and producers who are ready to join him in his proposed venture, as all of them very well know that investing in Allu’s Studio means multiplying their investment in no time. Whether he likes to share his business with outsiders or not is to be observed.

However, if he had a Studio at Mumbai, it will not be idle for a single day as there is a high demand for a full fledged Studio. The revenue generated by giving his Studio for shootings is another aspect in his business strategy. All these reasons are enough for him to build a Studio in Mumbai. Hope Allu will announce about his new Studio soon.

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