Sunday, January 31, 2010

Allari Naresh Superb job in Sambho Siva Sambho

Allari Naresh made a mark as a comic hero. He regaled audiences with his role as a comedian in film after film. Allari Naresh is being touted as a successor to Rajendra Prasad.

Allari Naresh changed tracks with the film Gamyam His role in Gamyam was quite different from his previous films and his acting was widely appreciated by everyone.

Allri Naresh plays one of the three heroes in Sambho Siva Sambho. He has done a superb job and is getting high praise from all quarters. The talk is that Naresh deserves a award for his acting in the film.

Since Sambho Siva Sambho is a remake film, it may not qualify for awards. Still Allari Naresh can take pride in the fact that he has proved that he can essay serious roles too and not just comedy.

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